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Two New Instrumentals!!!

2012-03-07 23:28:12 by AK-49


One Heart:
Good Company:

One Heart is largely a minorly edited sample from the Silent Hill soundtrack. It's a classic soundtrack with some great pieces that I might sample again.

Good Company contains no samples, and is 100% my own melodies. It's an upbeat track filled with it all: verse spots, transitions, and choruses.

Check them out, and then tell me what you think in a review! I love reading your guys comments and they help me out a ton.

2nd track with 1000+ views!

2011-11-28 16:08:19 by AK-49

The Life has made it to #21 on the best ever list on the front page, leading to a spike in views. This is the 2nd of my tracks with over 1000 views. As well, I'm currently working on a bunch of stuff which you guys might get to see soon. As always, thanks everyone for the support.